3 Hour Canoe and Kayak Paddle

Skill Level  –  Advanced Paddler     Book Online!

Our 3 hour excursion starts at Graves Crossings and provides about a 8 1/2 mile paddle on the Wild and Scenic Jordan River.  This section of the river is more narrow and requires a greater ability to be able to maneuver your canoe or kayak through tight corners and overhanging trees and branches.  The first hour is one of the more challenging paddles you will find in Northern Lower Michigan.  About an hour into your trip you will find yourself at the tunnels of Old State Road. Do You choose Right or Left?…

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. Both provide a great thrill as you exit into a pool of rapids on the other side.  Your paddling adventure continues with the 2 hour, then the 1 hour trips, before ending at the Roger’s Bridge access.

2 Hour Canoe and Kayak Paddle

Skill Level  –  Intermediate Paddler     Book Online!

Our 2 hour excursion starts at Old State Road and provides about a 6 mile paddle on the Jordan River to your ending location at Rogers Rd access.  This section of the river is wider than the previous portion but maintains enough obstacles to keep things interesting.  Halfway through your paddle, you will find yourself at Webster’s Bridge,  a great place to stop and relax or enjoy a pre-packed lunch.  Continue on and enjoy a picturesque paddle and glimpses of the Jordan Valley’s diverse wildlife and scenery.  Your paddling adventure continues with the 1 hour trip, before ending at the Roger’s Bridge access.

1 Hour Canoe and Kayak Paddle

Skill Level  –  Novice-Intermediate Paddler     Book Online!

At just over 2 1/2 miles, this stretch provides a very relaxing paddle for the less experienced.  We begin this Paddle at Webster’s Bridge where this portion of the river becomes wider and the current begins to slow the pace just a bit….. But don’t get too relaxed!  As you near the last 1 mile of your paddle the sides narrow once again.  It is here where you will begin to find a few more obstacles that provide continued challenges before finishing another Great Paddle on the Jordan River.