Guided Winter Raft Adventures

on the Jordan River

We begin our adventure at Graves Crossing in the Wild and Scenic Jordan River. You are safely placed into a white water style raft along with your Guide. We gently float down the river, observing the Natural Beauty that the Jordan River Valley has to offer.

Many on these trips have spotted Beavers, River Otters, White Tail Deer, Merganser Ducks, Red Fox, and many other types of wildlife including the occasional sighting of an American Bald Eagle or two.

The guide controls your raft so you are free to take pictures and enjoy the sounds and scenery. At the half-way point, you will tie-off and enjoy a hot drink and a treat. This is a good time to chat with your guide, your companions, or perhaps with a few new friends that you just met.

Family-friendly rates for children under 12-years old

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